Are the products you offer new?

All airbags offered at are of guaranteed origin and high quality. In their production, high-quality rubber was used, additionally reinforced with a textile cord. Their manufacturer is established in the industry, with high-tech equipment and traditions in the manufacture of airbags.

We do not sell second-hand products, nor those of unknown origin or quality.

  When will my order be fulfilled?

All orders are processed in real time every working day from 09:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 15:00.

The delivery time is from one to three working days, depending on the place of residence.

How much will shipping cost me?

The delivery of all airbags offered by is free for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  Can I return a purchased product?

In cases where you do not like the received product or it is not what you expected, you can return it within 14 days from the date of purchase. The condition is that the product is in commercial form. To do this, you should do:

Return request:

Using our feedback contact form on the "Contact" page, you must describe that you wish to return an item (or all items) of the order by completing the mandatory:

Your order number;

Reason for returning the product;

Indicate that you want a full refund from us;

Specify how to refund the amount - by bank transfer or through Econt.

In case you want us to refund your amount by bank transfer, you should specify a bank account to which we can transfer the amount.

After receiving your request, our employee will contact you to confirm the return request.

A return of the product or products will only be made provided that the additional label has not been removed. The return must be made with a courier company Econt with the option of inspection, at your expense.

In the event that you return a shipment that, after inspection or testing, is found to be damaged or unmerchandisable, the return will be considered improper to the merchant and will be rejected.

Used, installed and products with impaired commercial appearance are NOT subject to return!

After we receive the goods back from you, we will refund the amount within 15 days by bank transfer or through Econt.

  Do the products you offer have a warranty?

All airbags are guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover defects that are caused by:

mechanical damage (drilling, cutting);

improper operation;

improper installation;

mechanical damage caused as a result of a road accident;

malicious actions.

In order to recognize the guarantee, you must present us with a document for the purchase - a receipt or an invoice.

For more information, read the Terms and Conditions.

general terms


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2. Identification of the user/client for the purpose of reproducing his/her statement of acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions as well as of the order placed, is carried out through the log files stored on the server, storage of the IP address of the user/client, as well as any other information.

3. The products found on the website do not constitute a legally binding offer, but are rather a demonstrative online catalog describing the merchant's product line.

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5. The MERCHANT reserves the right to refuse delivery of a confirmed order in the event that the goods are not available. If there is no stock of the requested product, within the working week, the MERCHANT shall notify the user/customer of its depletion by sending a message to the e-mail address specified by the Customer or to the specified telephone number.

6. The contract language is Bulgarian, and payments will be made in Bulgarian levs including VAT.


1. The user/customer bears the entire risk of damage/loss of the goods during delivery. Immediately after handing over the goods to the courier, the MERCHANT is released from the risk, which is transferred to the user/customer. MERCHANT is not responsible for delay in case the delay is due to courier.

2. Immediately after delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected by the user/customer or a person authorized by him. Eventua